My name is Helena and I am the founder Daughter of a master cabinetmaker I grew up with the smell of wood, the love for traditional crafts and respect for craftsmanship.
It was the summer of 2005, when I was taught how to pick up my hair with a stick to work with a girl who sold them in the mythical hippie markets of Ibiza. We collaborated for some time, but we had very different philosophies and decided that we could no longer work together.

In October 2006 I bought a ticket to go to Bali, without knowing or having any information, except that the Island of the Gods was the origin of the hair chopsticks.
The Island of the Gods helped me to meet Ketut and his family because it was meant to be and because as I always say, Palospelos chose me, and I amb thankful every day for that.

By the way: I owe the name of palospelos to my friend, my sister Mercé, whom I love very much and I will be eternally grateful because I can’t think of a better name to represent our work.